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With our incubators full most of the time, we almost always have birds available for the majority of the breeds we keep - some however are far more seasonal. Fancy breeds are only readily available from autumn onwards, and tend to get snapped up fast due to their popularity! It’s for this reason we advise early booking of pairs.


Coturnix and Chinese Painted Quail are another matter, these are readily available from day old chicks, through to point of lay and occasionally batches of ex breeders.  There is potential for discounts on bulk orders for all birds, with price breaks at 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 birds at a time. For larger quantities you would need to pre-order at least 10-12 weeks before requirement. This is to ensure we set enough eggs to cover all orders.


Basic prices for all strains of Coturnix are as follows:


Day Old Chicks - £0.65 Each 

Week Old Chicks - £0.90 Each

Three Week Old Chicks - £2.25 Each

POL Hens - £5.00 Each

Cock Birds - £1.50 Each


Chinese Painted Quail 8 weeks old are as follows:


Pied - £8.00/Pr 

Whites - £7.00/Pr

Normal and all other colours - £6.50/Pr

Extra hens - £5.50 Each

Pied hens - £6.50 Each

Extra Cocks - £1.50 Each



Although we are currently sold out of 2015 ornamental game birds, here is a list of species we hope to breed in 2016 (prices and availability on request):


Californian Quail, Gamble’s Quail, Blue Scaled Quail, Mountain Quail, Harlequin Quail, Bobwhite Quail (4 Colours), Grey Francolins, Black Francolins, Yellow Throated Francolins, Erkels Francolins, Chuker Partridges, Barbary Partridges, See See Partridges, Grey Partridges, Roul Roul Partridges, Golden Pheasants, Lady Amherst Pheasants, Elliot Pheasants, Swinhoe Pheasants, Silver Pheasants, Mandarin Ducks, Wood Ducks, Tree Ducks and finally Ringed Teal


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Quail Farm News

The inclement weather of December has meant that we have been able to really get on with building some new breeding cages. These should really help in producing cleaner hatching eggs - why not give them a try with fertillity currently running at over 90%.

Fresh From The Incubator

Our latest hatch of coloured chicks are out - great for the hobby breeder or keeper.  There's some really intresting colours in this lot... Can't wait to see what they grow into.

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