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Hatching Eggs

Here at C&S Quails, we specialise in producing high quality, highly fertile, genetically viable hatching eggs.  Not only for ourselves to hatch but also for sale - be it the hobby breeder or the commercial hatcher, we have eggs to suit all needs from our highly sort after meat strains to fantastic layers. No order is too small for us.


Our current hatch rate across the board is fantastic, with fertility being well over 90%. We put this down to high quality feed coupled with great husbandry, experience and hand picking the breeding stock from our own blood lines and only those that meet our exact standards.


The breeding groups are penned at a ratio of one cock bird to three hens, with roughly 100 birds to a group.  Eggs are collected up to three times a day, where they are then racked and cooled before either incubating or packed for posting. Generally all eggs posted would be less than 3 days old on day of dispatch.


It is recommended that all eggs are left to stand in a cool environment for 24 hours before being incubated for best results.


Hatching egg prices per dozen are as follows: 


Italian Laying Quail - £3.50

Jumbo Japanese Quail - £3.50

Texan A&M Quail - £4.00

Giant Golden Quail - £4.50

Mixed Tuxedo and Coloured Quail - £5.00

All colours Chinese Painted Quail - £3.00

All breeds and strains are available year round.


Please contact us for prices and availability on all fancy Quail, Partridges, Francolins and Pheasants including:

Harlequin, Californian, Gamble’s, Blue Scaled, Mountain, Bobwhites.

Also see our "LIVE BIRD" page for a full list of all breeds we keep here on the farm. 


Please email or ring for a full postage quote. We can offer discounts on larger quantities and deliveries.





Whatever type and quantity of quail you are after, or indeed if you have any questions about the birds (keeping or breeding of them) feel free to contacts us. It's what we do after all!





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Quail Farm News

The inclement weather of December has meant that we have been able to really get on with building some new breeding cages. These should really help in producing cleaner hatching eggs - why not give them a try with fertillity currently running at over 90%.

Fresh From The Incubator

Our latest hatch of coloured chicks are out - great for the hobby breeder or keeper.  There's some really intresting colours in this lot... Can't wait to see what they grow into.

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