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With over 20 years of experience in rearing both coturnix and fancy quail. Now specializing in hatching eggs and day olds, right through to point of lay birds of laying and meat strain coturnix.


We keep 5 main strains of Quail:


Golden Italian Laying Quail,

Mixed Spanish Laying Quail,

Brown Jumbo Japanese Quail,

Giant Golden Meat Quail,

Texan A&M Quail.


As well as numerous fancy breeds of Quail, Partridges, Francolins and Pheasants.


All having their own attributes, we can supply large meaty birds for processing or smaller laying strains for egg production.  


We can supply small or large numbers. So if you just want a few for the aviary to give a few fresh eggs for the kitchen or large amounts for replacement stock, we can cater to your needs. 


All our breeding birds are bred and reared by us here on the farm - only buying in hatching eggs from new lines when needed. All the birds are picked based on specific standards we want to achieve from each strain.  Good examples of this would be bigger uniform egg size and higher production from the smaller laying strains or birds weighing above a certain weight (at 42 days old) for our heavy weight meat strains.


All our young and laying stock are kept on a free to fly basis. We feed high quality chick crumb, growers or laying rations as well as a ground natural grain diet. We find this is a fantastic diet for finishing all of our table birds on, giving them a great meaty carcass and fantastic flavor.

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Quail Farm News

The inclement weather of December has meant that we have been able to really get on with building some new breeding cages. These should really help in producing cleaner hatching eggs - why not give them a try with fertillity currently running at over 90%.

Fresh From The Incubator

Our latest hatch of coloured chicks are out - great for the hobby breeder or keeper.  There's some really intresting colours in this lot... Can't wait to see what they grow into.

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